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Tip #1D: Bring Life Wherever You Go.

Think about your good friends, not just any friend but your GOOD friends. Why do you consider them good friends? Because they make you feel good? They agree with everything you say? You talk and they listen? You can share your thoughts and not be judged by them? You can confide in them? They let you borrow money? They encourage you? They make you laugh? Well, it should be because they bring you life! They should have this positive energy that makes you feel encouraged, joyful, and sometimes corrected. They should be a shoulder to lean on, help you handle the stresses of life, and they are good cheerleaders for you (no, not literally a cheerleader with pom poms, duh!). You just love to have them around because life is so much better when you're with them. You should be the type of person that brings life wherever you go; the type of person that your friends are to you. People should want you around. They should feel they are at a loss when you're not around because you make a positive difference in their lives. But please don't get it twisted by thinking you're all that because if you do, you're not. You definitely don't want to be that guy (you know the one that everyone says "uh oh, here comes _________") because you mope around, have a negative attitude and always look at the glass as half full. Instead, be the guy that makes everyone say "Hey _________! Where have you been? We missed you?" Why? Because you bring life.

Written 4/2/2013 by John Weaver

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