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I love traveling. Seeing new places and doing new things are awesome. I usually take a plane but every now and then, a road trip isn't too bad. The one thing I hate, however, is the traffic. Let's face it, no one wants to be trapped in a car at a standstill, right?


I think we would all agree that when we're in pain, it sucks! The bottom line is that if you live long enough, you will endure some type of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. Whether the pain is the result of an accident, loss, caused by health conditions,...

The next fruit is patience. This one is a pretty tough fruit to bear because much of our society is moving at such a fast pace. If you've read any of my other posts, you may have heard me say that many people want things to happen immediately. We have minute rice, fast...

I'm going to give you fair warning that this post may be a little raw but bear with me. Today, we live in such a fast paced society. Everyone seems to want everything and they want it now (I can't help but think of the commercial where everyone yells out the window "it...

Notice the tightrope walker in the picture (although I think he's pretty crazy to do this; then again, someone told me I lost my mind when I jumped out of an airplane a few months ago). Remember when he walked on this tightrope across Niagara Falls not long ago (search...

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Tips for Teens

​These tips are created for young adults that aim to make healthy choices and live balanced lives. Teenage tips are written with teens in mind but most tips are pretty relevant for all age groups. Feel free to share with others.

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