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One thing I really enjoy is being a mentor and since my last post, I have started a small group with a few young men to discuss some things that I consider very important. I call them the 7 Pillars of Manhood. In order to be an effective man, you need these 7 Pillars:...

No, it’s not a typo. Be the best you you can be. There’s a reason why no one else on the planet has a fingerprint or DNA like yours. It’s because God created you uniquely different but you're different for a reason. No one else can do the job you were created to do. Th...

I firmly believe that it is man's responsibility to lead. God designed us to take charge of our families, communities, and individual lives. We are called to protect and provide for all the responsibilities we have been given. 

One of the great young leaders in the Bi...

For the next few tips, I want to revisit the first one: Tip #1: Know What It Means to Be a Man and Do What It Takes to Be One. If you haven't had a chance to read it, be sure to do so. In that tip, I discussed 7 characteristics of a man. 

The first character...

TV commercials, radio ads, magazines, and the Internet want you to believe that being a man is defined by how much money you have, how many chicks are into you, how much SWAG you have, or how muscular you are. While it's great to have some of those things as a man, it...

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​These tips are created for young adults that aim to make healthy choices and live balanced lives. Teenage tips are written with teens in mind but most tips are pretty relevant for all age groups. Feel free to share with others.

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