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Mission Statement

Titus Mentoring is committed to developing a community of capable, informed, and responsible young adults using the guidance given by Apostle Paul in Titus 2:4-8.

Vision Statement

Titus Mentoring envisions a community of young adults, primarily ages 13-19, working hand-in-hand with adult mentors through service opportunities, character development programs, academic tutoring, leadership training, recreation, team-building, and accountability through one-to-one relationships. It is through these experiences that each teen will develop into his/her full potential, capable of making informed and responsible decisions that will benefit our community.


Titus Mentoring follows Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets® for Adolescents (ages 12-18) as a guide for mentoring. We focus on the Internal Assets (Positive Values, Social Competencies, and Positive Identities) outlined below:

Positive Values

  • Caring—Young person places high value on helping other people.

  • Equality and social justice—Young person places high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.

  • Integrity—Young person acts on convictions and stands up for her or his beliefs.

  • Honesty—Young person “tells the truth even when it is not easy.”

  • Responsibility—Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility.

  • Restraint—Young person believes it is important not to be sexually active or to use alcohol or other drugs.


Social Competencies

  • Planning and decision making—Young person knows how to plan ahead and make choices.

  • Interpersonal Competence—Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills.

  • Cultural Competence—Young person has knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds.

  • Resistance skills—Young person can resist negative peer pressure and dangerous situations.

  • Peaceful conflict resolution—Young person seeks to resolve conflict nonviolently.


Positive Identity

  • Personal power—Young person feels he or she has control over “things that happen to me.”

  • Self-esteem—Young person reports having a high self-esteem.

  • Sense of purpose—Young person reports that “my life has a purpose.”

  • Positive view of personal future—Young person is optimistic about her or his personal future.



John Weaver-President & Founder

John is the Dean of Students at a private boarding & day school in central Florida and has mentored over 70 teenagers. He has a Master's degree in mathematics from the University of Central Florida. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Hanna, his young son (John IV), traveling, playing ping-pong and going to cars shows.

Hanna Weaver-Vice President

Hanna is a Contracts Administrator at a theme park in Orlando. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specific major of Management Information Systems from Florida International University. During her free time she loves spending time with her husband, John, baby boy (John IV), family and friends, traveling and bringing people together. 

Jhohan Lozano-Treasurer

Jhohan is a recent graduate the University of Florida with a major in engineering. He has been an ambassador for UF, was very involved clubs and organizations on campus and has been a mentor to underclassmen Jhohan works as an engineer with a major consumer goods corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio. In his free time, he enjoys traveling the world, enjoying ethnic dishes, and spending quality time with his family. 

Maria Robelo-Monsalve-Board Director

Maria teaches Spanish at a private school in Orlando, Florida.  She currently teaches a summer leadership camp and is involved with the development of the mentor program at her school.  She has a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Central Florida.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending quality time with her husband Andres and her twin boys, Nicolas and Sebastian.   


Desiree Allison-Board Director

Desiree is a 7th grade math teacher at a private school in Orlando. She has her Master's degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Central Florida. Desiree has been involved with Titus since 2016 and mentors over 20 girls through Titus and school. Desiree also sits on the board for Elevation Foundation, an organization that aims to transform distressed communities, locally and globally. In her free time, she enjoys spending time on her family farm, Wild Goose Farms, or traveling around the world.

Professional Headshot.jpg

Ishan Sharma-Board Director

Ishan is a senior at Cornell University's ILR School. Ishan is heavily involved with his professional pre-law fraternity Kappa Alpha Pi, in addition to his commitments as a Cornell Mentor for Incarcerated Youth, a member of Mortar Board Der Hexenkreis, and the Sphinx Head Society. He spends his free time hanging with friends, listening to music, playing ukulele and guitar, or reflecting. Ishan first joined Titus as a mentee on the Nicaragua 2016 trip. He is excited for the opportunity to give back. 

Developing a community of capable, informed, and responsible young adults

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