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2019 Costa Rica

After taking an international hiatus the summer of 2018 to focus on local service, Titus Mentoring was excited to resume our international service projects by visiting the beautiful country of Costa Rica. During the week, we matched mentoring with service, adventure and exploration in beautiful Costa Rica! Our service projects included building retaining wall for a school, helping clear debris for an abandoned pizza restaurant that is in the process of being converted into a community building for youth, painting homes, working to clear trails in a rainforest, and reforestation projects. The journey was filled with delicious local cuisine a true sense of the way life is in Costa Rica! As always, goals remained the same: bring attention to poverty to find ways we can help, show appreciation for our many blessings, and build relationships with one another.

We are grateful for the partnership with Led2Serve, an organization with a mission to equip, inspire and mobilize all who have a desire to serve others by providing meaningful and life-changing Service Journeys to established community partnerships across the USA and Costa Rica. For more information about Led 2 Serve, visit their website at












Kindest Regards,

John Weaver

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