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Tip #2: Life is a Team Sport.

Imagine you've just been given the opportunity to play in a national championship basketball game and you have the choice of selecting four teammates to play with you. You’re representing your state in the National Teen Basketball Association (yeah, I know I made it up but it sounds pretty good right?) and up for grabs is top prize of $1,000,000 and the recognition of being the baddest b-ball team in the nation. So, who do you pick to play on your team? Well you pick people that have the best talent, the most knowledge of the game, and the skill to win. You pick people that you have had the chance of watching play and you want nothing but the best for your team. You need teammates that can play good defense, that can work the pick & roll, set screens, box out, and make those clutch shots and free throws. You would make a complete fool of yourself if you decided you could play the opposing team alone. Picture it. There you are, standing on the court trying to take on a team of five other players. That would be ridiculous. I know that the example above is probably a far stretch for some of you to imagine but guess what? Life is the same way. You can't play the game of life by yourself. You need people that can help you when you get down or encourage you when you're on the right track. You also need people that can snap you back in line when you're off your game. You need people you can talk to about the deepest issues of your heart and that will listen when times are tough. You also need a good coach. Someone who has expertise and understands the game. Someone that has played the game time and time again and has some tips and tricks for winning. The coach is not just a cheerleader when things go well but knows how to point you in the right direction when your game is off. In the game of life, you have a prize and goals you're working for and this game goes far beyond a national basketball championship. You'd be amazed and what good teammates and a good coach can do for you. So, choose them wisely. Make sure you and your teammates have common goals and they can help you do the right thing at all times. Now go for the win!

Written 11/13/2012 by John Weaver

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