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Tip #11: What's Ahead is Greater Than What's Behind.

One reader asked me to write about moving on and forgetting about the past so here goes. I heard a Pastor once say that the windshield of a car is bigger than the car's rear view mirror. He used the analogy to illustrate the point that what's in front of you is much more important than what you see behind you. He also said the windshield is a lot larger than the rear view mirror. Through the windshield, you can see where you're headed while the rear view mirror shows a glimpse of where you've been. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. Put your life in "drive" and keep moving forward. If you've gotten off track, make a "legal u-turn" and get back on track but for crying out loud, don't keep driving in reverse. The rear view mirror of your life plays an important role but I challenge you to live life with the windshield in view. What God has ahead of you is so much greater than what's behind you.

Written 11/27/2012 by John Weaver

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