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Tip #10: Never Give Up!

I'll be honest and say I have been thinking about this tip for nearly a week and I never thought I would need it the most this week. Life is tough sometimes and if you have never experienced the ups and downs yet, keep living. You will be disappointed, have friends that let you down, make poor decisions, and things sometimes seem to turn out for the worst. You have to keep moving and never give up. If you know that you have God-given dreams, goals, and passion, stick to them and never let go! I took the unedited picture above this week as I was out enjoying God's creation. I named this picture "Bursting Through" because it reminds me that no matter what, the sun always shines through anything obstructing its view. Stay strong and encouraged and NEVER GIVE UP!

Written 11/26/2012 by John Weaver

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