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Tip #18: Recognize Your Gifts & Talents.

It took me a while before I recognized what I was good at and passionate about. Stuff I enjoyed and passed off as just hobbies or things to keep me busy, I now realize these are God-given gifts and talents. Everyone has been given gifts and talents but recognizing what they are, developing them, and using them to be of service to others can take some time. Take a look at this video (it's just over 14 minutes and I know it's long but watch it when you have time):

Derek, although blind, still has an incredible gift of playing the piano. His gift is such an amazing inspiration to those around him. The same should be said of you. Whether it's building robots, singing, playing the tuba, or being and effective and encouraging friend, you have been given a gift. And believe it or not, God gives no one gifts and talents for themselves only. So dig deep inside to find those gifts and talents (no matter how big or small) as someone is waiting for them.

Written 12/18/2012 by John Weaver

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