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Tip #1C: Don't Be Passive!

This tip is related to Tip #1B: Lead With Courage. Being passive means you're not taking an active part in making decisions that you should; it means that you sit back while everyone makes decisions for and about you without you having a say in the matter. And no, I'm not talking about parents making decisions for you (they have to make decisions that you have no say in most of the time). I'm talking about the decisions that you have ultimate control over; things like standing up for your morals and values, sticking up for a friend that is being treated wrong, making decisions to not use drugs/alcohol, not cheating on school work, making the right decisions about sex, etc. These are the decisions that ultimately only you have control over and if you sit idly by without making solid decisions or taking a stance, you will be swept up and away with what everyone else thinks. So, don't just sit on the side lines of your life as if you have no say. Make decisions and stand firm without being passive. That's all.

Written 5/31/2013 by John Weaver

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