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Tip #19: Find Balance in Life.

Notice the tightrope walker in the picture (although I think he's pretty crazy to do this; then again, someone told me I lost my mind when I jumped out of an airplane a few months ago). Remember when he walked on this tightrope across Niagara Falls not long ago (search it on YouTube)? If you have seen the video, you never saw the tightrope walker run across the tightrope. That would be pretty ridiculous. Instead, he carefully placed his foot one in front of the other. He also carried long pole that he held to his sides. It kept him from swaying too far to the left or right. If a small wind blew or a simple jerk of the tightrope caused him to sway a little, the pole helped keep him balanced. It takes precision, skill, careful planning, and guts to do this. Life is like walking a tightrope, especially if you're trying to walk with good morals, character, and integrity. It takes good spiritual, relational, emotional, physical, and material balance. If you spend too much time on Instagram and not enough time on your homework, expect to not do well in school. If you spend too much time at the dinner table or snacking on chips and soda all day, expect to have bad health. If you spend too much time indulging in your girlfriend, expect your other relationships to fail (including the one you're in). If you don't spend enough time in a youth group, church, praying, or talking with friends that have good morals, values, and ethics, expect your life to crumble. To wrap this up, too much of anything is bad. You must have balance. If you don't have people or things that help you balance, then it's time to find some.

Written 5/16/2013 by John Weaver

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