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Tip #24: Know Where You Are & Know Where You're Headed!

A few months ago, I had a chance to visit some really good friends in Seattle and celebrate one of my former students graduating high school. While we went to run errands, my former student and I headed to Old Navy to spend my Super Cash. We knew the general location of the Old Navy but we didn't know how to specifically get to it. While we were in the mall, walked to the mall directory and looked for the big, "YOU ARE HERE" arrow in red. Sure enough, we found out exactly where we were and then we mapped out where we needed to go. Down the hall, past the Target, and around the corner. We made it!

Have you ever watched a movie or commercial where the husband is driving, his wife is in the passenger seat, and the children are in the back seat? The wife is trying to tell the husband where to go and the husband really doesn't wanna listen. What happens? They end up lost or traveling in circles. "Hey honey, didn't we just past that store 5 times already?" Instead of stopping to ask for help, they waste time, gas, and energy because dad was too proud to stop and ask for help. Nowadays, most of our vehicles (and cell phones) have a GPS navigation system but sometimes, we still don't listen to directions. Why? Because we think we know where we're headed. I know I constantly tell GiSelle (my car) to "shut it" when she's trying to tell me to "turn left" or "turn right". I really hate when she says "make a legal U-turn ahead". After literally yelling and screaming (drawing attention to myself by other cars passing by), I realize that I should have made that legal U-turn and GiSelle was right after all. Believe it or not, life's journey is similar to these stories. Sometimes you have to stop and find out where you are. Look for the "YOU ARE HERE" sign. You know that sinking feeling you get when you're lost? It doesn't feel good. For crying out loud, please don't be like the stereotypical husband in all of the movies and TV commercials and waste unnecessary time and resources thinking you're headed in the right direction. ASK FOR HELP! Then recalibrate, refocus, "make a legal u-turn" and head in the right direction.

8/22/2013 by John Weaver

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