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Tip #6: Always Say Thanks And Return the Favor.

When you say "thanks", it usually means someone has done something nice for you. But as I explained to a group of students at school the other day, saying "thanks" is the easy part. Yes, you are supposed to say "thanks" because it shows you appreciate what someone has done for you. Although saying thanks is nice, my challenge is for you do something in return to show your how much you appreciate the deed. To show your parents how much you appreciate their hard work in taking care of you, try doing the chores without them having to ask you. Cook them breakfast (if you know how). Write a note of appreciation. Heck, try not to argue with them for a week. Other than your parents, think of all the people that have made a positive impact in your life and show them how much you appreciate them. You'll find that doing for others has they have done for you helps you to be a more well-rounded and less self-centered individual.
11/17/2012 by John Weaver
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