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Tip #8: Stay Grounded

There's a reason why an electrical outlet must be grounded. It keeps electrical appliances from blowing up and causing electrical shock to those around. I overheard some kids speaking about this young man and how good he was at basketball so when the kid walked in my room, I said "I heard you can play basketball pretty well". He didn't respond. So I asked, "can you"? He just sort of shrugged his shoulders like "I guess so." What I liked about his response is he didn't seem to cocky about his game, neither did he seem doubtful about his talent. He was well balanced (I thought). I like how his attitude seemed grounded. He didn't say "oh yeah, I'm the best" nor did he say "no, I can't play that well". It doesn't matter what you're good at, having the right attitude and a humble heart makes the difference in my book. Let others talk about how good you are because if you you do, you could come off as arrogant, proud, or conceited. Now, there's nothing wrong with stating the facts or being excited about doing well. Just don't "blow yourself up" (pun intended). That's my 2 cents.

Written 11/19/2012 by John Weaver

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