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Tip #9: Set Goals & Do Everything to Reach Them.

I was talking to my cousin and her husband the other day and we got into this conversation about setting goals and having a vision. In the conversation, I told them that if my goal is to get to New York, I need to make sure I count up the costs, have a mode of transportation, and have a road-map (or GPS) for starters. Then I need to hit the road (that's if I'm not flying). I have to go through Georgia, South Carolina, North get the point. I'll have to stop along the way to get some gas and a have a stretch break or two. Maybe there's a traffic jam here or there and of course there will be accidents. Hopefully I won't be involved in one. As I'm driving, I have to be careful not to be distracted by my cell phone, what's happening in car next to me, or the cute little bunny on the side of the highway. It is okay to stop every now to take in the sights and scenes of what's around but if I'm going to make it to New York, I need to keep moving. It takes a considerable amount of time to get to New York and it has some costs and effort that I need to be aware of. The same is true with life. First, you need to set a realistic destination and goals. What are they and why? Make sure you have the ability to reach your goals. Find the tools and people you'll need to help you along the way (but watch out for hitch hikers). You may have a few flat tires along the way, detours, potholes, and stops for gas and rest. But that's okay. Keep moving toward your goals and let nothing stop you.

Written 11/20/2012 by John Weaver

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