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Tip # 12: Play the Hand You're Dealt.

My family loves to play cards. Their game of choice is Spades and when we play, it gets pretty ugly and loud but it's so much fun. I don’t play Spades that often but when I do, I play to win. Sometimes I’m dealt a good hand and sometimes my cards are a bunch of junk. Either way, I have very little choice in the cards I’m dealt but I have to play my hand the best I know how and hope my partner has something good to help us win the game.

As you know, there’s always a life analogy that follows (What did you expect? This is a life tip post right?). I heard someone say that life is very similar to a card game. Sometimes you can’t choose the hand you’re dealt but you have to make the most of it. You have to deal with life when you have a good hand and when you have a bunch of garbage. Play it well, and hope your partner has a hand that can help you when you need it.

Written 11/28/2012 by John Weaver

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