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Tip #36: RESET!

Growing up, my cousin had all the good video games. He had every new game and the magazines with the cheat codes. He lived next door and that made it even better! Although I wasn't big into video games, I always loved going over to play (except when he would practice all of the secret moves by himself and then kick the living crap out of me when I came over). Mortal Kombat was my favorite, although it was so gruesome. After the fighting match, the announcer would say "finish him" in this very deep and devilish voice. The right combination could pull the spine out of your opponent or slice his head off. Another game I enjoyed was the Super Mario Brothers game on the Super Nintendo. We would play that game hours at a time. The good news is that when you made a mistake, you got another chance to play again. Sometimes we would get so frustrated with beating a level, we would press the "reset" button and start over again.

I don't really like clichés but since today is New Year's, why not. I have heard from many people that 2013 was such a terrible year. For me, it was one of the most confusing years I've ever experienced. I pray 2014 represents a fresh start with new opportunities and promises. Although it's a lot easier to press the "reset" button on a video game, in life you can reset too (depending on what game you're playing). You get a "do-over". Maybe you need to reset academically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, or physically. Either way, take a moment to refocus, refresh, renew, and RESET!

Written 1/1/2014 by John Weaver

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