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Tip #38: Expect Resistance.

The weather in Florida is usually beautiful. Sunny summers (and most winters), beautiful beaches, and semi-tropical climates make some of what I consider the most gorgeous scenery God has ever created. But there comes a time that Florida has all of it's natural beauty snatched away. It's called hurricane season. From June 1st to November 30th, Floridians are on watch for anything brewing in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. As soon as there is a hurricane on the way, people flock to their nearest home improvement stores to buy generators, batteries, food, water, plywood, etc. in preparation for the storm. I'll never forget August and September of 2004. We had four hurricanes back to back to back to back. It seems like it was yesterday. Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne wreaked havoc on our state and it was the worst hurricane season I have ever experienced. Schools missed a total of 12 days (it was my first year teaching and we had to make up every one of those days). My parents lost power for almost two weeks but because they were somewhat prepared and had a generator, they had temporary power and water (from my aunt's above ground pool) to flush the toilets. The point I hope to make in this tip is for you to expect resistance in life. If you believe life is always easy and that the sun will always shine, I'm here to tell you to snap out of it. Expecting "sunny days" all the time is not reality (I read on Twitter yesterday that having sunny days every day will create a desert). Expect "winds" to blow. The sooner you prepare and expect the "hurricanes" of life, the better you will be able to face these strong winds with less damage. One way I do this is by using the "Armor of God".

Here's another interesting take on resistance: What do eagles, kites, and bodybuilders have in common? They expect resistance to help them soar and build strength. Eagles soar using wind and resistance (they save energy by not flapping as they don't need to). Kites have no purpose without resistance. It is impossible for a kite to soar without winds that create lift. Bodybuilders apply resistance to their bodies that break down muscles and then these muscles grow back with more strength and definition. On the other hand, what do farm chickens, horseshoes, and cowards have in common? They all expect gravity to hold them down. Chickens know they can't fly. That's probably why they make some of the most awful sounds I've ever heard. I think they're just complaining because they're mad. When you play the game of horseshoes, you expect the horseshoe to hit the ground and stay there. If you throw the horseshoe in the air and it flies around like a boomerang, that would be weird (and it would hurt pretty bad when it came back and knocked you up side the head). Lastly, cowards expect the weight of the world to keep them down. They say things like "I'll never be anything...I'm no good at anything...I guess I'll just fail again...etc". Get over it! To wrap this up, expect resistance. It will come but understand when resistance comes your way, it is designed to strengthen you and make you a better person! 1 Peter 5:10 says it this way "and after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you." If you're facing resistance and finding it difficult at this point in life, this isn't a bad thing. Hang in there and don't lose faith. Let this resistance take you higher!

Written 1/20/2014 by John Weaver

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