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Tip #39I: Be a Gentleman.

What does it mean to be a gentleman? A gentleman is a man that treats others in a proper and polite way (borrowed from but being a gentleman now requires much more effort than what was required a few years ago. Why? I think it's because there are fewer gentleman as role-models which means the younger guys are kinda left trying to figure it out on their own. Look around and you'll see many men that are becoming less and less concerned about others but more and more concerned about how they can make themselves just one step ahead even if it means winning at any cost. Being a gentleman requires you to be gentle and considerate (not harsh, brash, rude, abrasive, etc.) but the problem is, many people consider gentlemen weak! But we should know that this is not true because it takes more strength to do the right thing. It's also honorable and admirable to see men treat others the way they are supposed to be treated. gives us 12 tips on how to be a gentleman (be sure to visit the site to see more details for each tip). They are: 1. Define Your Personal Style 2. Keep Your Hygiene in Check 3. Be a Grown-up 4. Keep Language PG-13 5. Connect With People 6. Find Your Purpose 7. Be Clear About What You Want 8. Hold the Door Open 9. Keep Your Promises 10. Return the Favor 11. Pick Up After Yourself 12. Be You

I know the world would be a better place if we had just a few more gentlemen and I'm sure following these 12 tips will make life a little easier for you and those around you.

Written 5/25/2014 by John Weaver

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