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Tip #46: Suit Up!

If you follow college football, you know the Florida State Seminoles are pretty hot right now. After 27 straight victories, they know a few things about winning (and crab legs...j/k). I'm pretty sure their team goes into each game trained, prepared, rehearsed, and ready for battle. Before they get on the field, they run sprints, plays, and drills. They watch film and study their opponents. They know the opposing team's weaknesses and favorite plays. Most importantly, they have suited up. They put on helmets, shoulder pads, back plates, rib protectors, girdles, and cleats that will dig deep for traction. They don't go onto the football field with throw-back jerseys and Js on their feet. That would be ridiculous. In the game of life, you'll have many fights for victory and how you "suit up" determines whether you win or lose. Once you accept the fact that life is a series of battles one after the other, you can then prepare for them. Know what you're battling. Know your weaknesses, understand what causes you to stumble, and then prepare (check out Ephesians 6:10-18). If you battle depression, get to the root of it and then understand why you feel the way you do. Find something that you can do to help you get out of the funk. If you are having family issues, understand what you can and cannot change and how you respond to it. Maybe you battle lust. Have enough strength to protect your eyes and what you see. Don't put yourself in situations where you know you'll stumble. Most importantly, don't try to take on the battles by yourself. Grab some teammates that can help you! Life is tough and sometimes it's not fair. You will get some bumps and bruises here and there. You will lose a few times and you might even have some major set-backs but I guarantee if you live life with an attitude of never quitting, you will be victorious. Just grab the right gear and suit up!

Written 11/24/14 by John Weaver

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