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Tip #47B: Find Your Destiny.

In the last tip, I wrote about understanding your identity, why you are the way you are, and what makes you you. In this tip, I want to take a minute to talk to you about where you're headed in life, aka your destiny. Some of you may eventually become teachers, doctors, lawyers, laborers, entertainers, singers, etc. You have also been given gifts, talents, and interests that prepare you for, or may even make your journey. But many of you might find it hard to understand what you were put on this earth to do. Case in point, ME! I went to school for Physical Therapy at first. I quickly changed my major to Athletic Training. Then again, I changed it to Health Services Administration and I graduated with that degree. After I graduated, I started working on my MBA. I didn't quite finish but guess what? I completed my Master's Degree in Math Education and this is my 11th year teaching math. Not only do I love teaching math, but what's more important is I have the gift of molding lives! Now I'm not just talking about a job, a career, or making millions of dollars. I'm talking about waking up every morning knowing that you are walking in God's plan for your life. Trust me, it's an awesome feeling. Many of you might not have a clue what your future holds but I'm challenging you to start (if you haven't already) figuring out your gifts, talents, passions and interests. If you're having a hard time understanding your interests or what your gifts and talents are, start by asking God to help you understand them (He created you right?). You can also find several resources on the Internet that may help. Having a talk with a trusted adult will help you out too. To wrap this up, I'll say what I have said in one of my previous posts: your life matters and it's your duty to figure out why. No one can do what you were created to do so get to it!

Written 2/15/2015 by John Weaver

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